About Us

We are a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of architectural molds for the Cast Stone companies. We are focused on molds for commercial, institutional, and residential jobs.

We have over 25 years of combined experience in the design and manufacturing of complex and accurate molds for cast stone. Our staff has an engineering background, extensive experience in 3D organic design and CAD drafting using cutting edge software and equipment. We also work with several classically trained sculptors who have been trained in drawing, design, Art History, architecture and anatomy.

The value of Cast Stone Molds Tech is its ability to create complex molds at a faster pace by utilizing its owner’s expertise and a state of the art process that allows it to surpass its competitors.   This also presents an advantage for our customers by enabling them to take on more projects due to this increase in capacity.   In this way, our customers become more competitive and more profitable.

With the use of technology and a unique capability to take any real world object, profile, image, sketch or your own CAD drawing and convert it into a high detail quality mold, we can develop virtually anything you may envision into any shape mold, from rock face panels, any texture, artistic architectural pieces, buildings restoration, and more.

With all these benefits and a strong sense of customer satisfaction, we will provide your company with the flexibility of a wide variety of options to make your molds on time at competitive price.


Additionally, Cast Stone Molds Tech operate in the art sculpting industry, providing sculpture model
enlargements to the art studios and sculptors.
Typically, a sculptor has to create their models in real size, which takes weeks to complete. In addition, they utilize hundreds of pounds of sculpting materials.

Cast Stone Molds Tech provides an alternate solution.  For instance, the sculptor may provide a model (e.g. 12 inches high) then we create a 3D digital model which later is enlarged to its real size (e.g. 9 feet).  Then the model is cut out of foam.  This solution will help the artist significantly to reduce their working time. Furthermore, the quantity of material used for the artwork will also decrease, therefore reducing their costs.

We also work with many other art jobs, call us now to discuss your project needs to find a solution.