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We are a key asset for a company like yours.  Cast Stone Molds Tech is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service.

 - Molds for cast stone products                     - Plugs (foam, MDF, other woods)
 - Molds for form liners                                 - 3D scanning
 - Digital modeling                                        - Acrylic carvings
 - Reverse modeling replica                           - Enlargement of sculptures using foam
Molds for the Stone Industry  

The value of Cast Stone Molds Tech is its ability to create complex molds at a faster pace by utilizing its owner’s expertise and a state of the art process that allows it to surpass its competitors.   This also presents an advantage for our customers by enabling them to take on more projects due to this increase in capacity.   In this way, our customers become more competitive and more profitable.

We can make any mold for the Cast Stone manufacturer, no matter the complexity of your mold!.
The type of molds we create range from traditional to very complex profiles;

 - Balustrade                                                - Ramp & twist 
 - Columns (fluted, rope, entasis)                   - Arches 
 - Capitals (ionic, corinthian, scamozzi)           - Caps 
 - Coping, radius                                           - Finials
 - Rock Face                                                 - Signs and more.

The Benefit of Simplicity in the Assembly

- Any shape and profiles                                - No expensive expertise needed
- Just drop it in the box                                 - Accuracy and crisp detailed
- Intricate molds made easier                        - Molds made in days, not weeks

Artwork and Enlargements for the Artists

Additionally, Cast Stone Molds Tech operates in the art sculpting industry, providing sculpture model
enlargements to the art studios and sculptors.

Materials We Use

Most of our products are essentially made out of MDF (Medium Density Fiber Wood) and plywood. Their versatility and handling makes these materials ideal for this application. Due to the durability, accuracy, hardness and density of the MDF, it provides a fine detailed finish.
For the enlargements we use HDU (High Density Foam) or styrofoam.

These images only illustrate the capability of the company to create the molds or enlargement.